Los Angeles CA Skydiving

Are you ready to feel the extreme excitement of a 120 mph free fall from up to two miles high? If so, be prepared for up to 60 seconds of intense free fall with unmatched California scenery! Los Angeles skydivers choose us because of our safety practices, fun and charismatic instructors, and amazing views on every tandem sky dive. We have competitive rates and instructors second to none. If you're looking to go skydiving, there's no better place than with a Bucket List Rides skydiving center!

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Los Angeles Skydiving DETAILS


WHO: Pricing is listed as per person and this tour is good for up to 3 passengers or 600 pounds.

LOCATION: Long Beach California Metro Area

WHEN: Flights are made here year round.

FRIENDLY SKIES: Weather can be a factor as aerial activities become too dangerous with high winds, heavy rain, fog, or other inclement weather. Rescheduling several times may be necessary as pilots may have to postpone your flight due to inclement weather.

CLOTHING: Dress comfortably for outdoor activity. Dresses, shorts, or sandals are not recommended. If bringing a camera, be sure to secure it with a strap.

NO AGE LIMIT: This experience is good for adventurers of all ages.

WEIGHT LIMIT: Total passenger weight depends on the aircraft.



A deposit for the full amount of your ride is required to reserve your booking and time.


You can call to reschedule anytime. If we can't fly due to weather you will receive a voucher to book your tour on a different day. Return your tour ticket for a full refund with 24 hours of purchasing. You can cancel within 7 days of your flight for a 50% refund. Cancel within 48 hours for a 25% refund.


call 888-586-7863

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